At shipping methods have been determined based on the fastest and most cost-effective approach for your orders.


We recommend our customers to open the parcel in the courier’s shop if the receipt is made there or at their place in the presence of the courier representative at the time of delivery. If any damage to the dispatched product is found that makes it unacceptable to the customer (no shortage or wrong material) *, then you should declare to the courier’s staff that the parcel was received at a loss and should be returned to the courier company directly, and immediately after, via telephone or e-mail, our company should be informed.

If the parcel has been omitted and the damage has been ascertained after leaving the courier office or after the courier agent has left your premises, you will first have to inform the delivery office of the courier company in your area and then our company (this must be done within 24-hours from the package receipt). The package must either be returned by the customer to the courier’s offices or, upon agreement, should be removed from the customer’s premises.

If the courier company and our company are informed promptly about the damage, and the parcel is returned to the courier company, then our company undertakes the handling of the matter with the courier company as well as the immediate replacement or reimbursement of the amount paid for the courier purchase, money goes straight to the customer.

* In these cases the courier company has no responsibility and the information should only be made to our company.

Shipment to all EU countries is possible.  Shipment time range from 4 to 15 days depending on the destination.

The charge for each shipment follows the bellow pricing table:

Price list

Charges (€) / Weight Categories (Κg)

Destinations-Zones 1 Κg 2 Κg 3 Κg 4 Κg 5 Κg 10 Κg 15 Κg 20 Κg 25 Κg 30 Κg 35 Κg 40 Κg
EU1 11.61 12.45 13.76 17.18 20.71 25.27 30.07 36.97 41.65 46.21 64.81 85.75
EU2 15.14 15.98 17.74 26.54 32.41 36.97 41.77 46.33 51.01 55.57 76.51 95.11
EU3 19.66 20.50 22.42 53.27 54.93 58.55 63.00 66.04 74.50 77.54 95.23 113.83

If the package is over 40kg, the charge is 20€ for each additional 5 kg over 40 kg.


Zones / Delivery Times : The following tables show the destination countries and the delivery times per zone

Austria France Estonia
Belgium United Kingdom* Spain***
Germany Italy** Malta
Denmark Ireland Portugal
Croatia Latvia Sweden
Liechtenstein Lithuania Finland
Nederland Luxembourg
Hungary Monaco
Poland Romania
Slovakia Slovenia
Czech Republic

*  Channel Islands excluded,  ** Vatican, San Marino excluded,  *** Andorra, Gibraltar excluded


Indicative delivery times

4-9 Working Days 5-10 Working Days 5-15 Working Days


The charges of shipment may vary if the volume of the shipment is not proportional to weight (cases of light packages with big volume). In that case, the charge should be done based upon the volumetric of the package and it is calculated by multiplying the three dimensions of the parcel divided by 3000.

Volumatric (in kilos) = [(length) x (width) x (height)] cm / 3000

*  retains the right to modify the shipment methods.