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Distillery TETTERI

A family tradition that has its roots in the middle of last century. A tradition that brought the unique recipe of the well-known ouzo TETTERI.
The rare taste of this authentic ouzo ranks among the 10 best Greek ouzo.

The first distillation of TETTERI ouzo was made by Stylianos Tetteris in 1846, as a household product at first.
His great love and affection for his distillation led him to follow this profession.

When he observed how the women of the Turkish commander loved the taste of mastic, decided to combine those two flavors. The creation he came up with gave the mastic ouzo which was exported on the 1930s’ to Istanbul and later in Egypt.

In 1912, straight after the liberation of Chios, his son Ioannis, establishes the first TETTERI distillery. Keeping the secrets learned from his father and the traditional recipe of ouzo, that until today is being distilled.

Following their ancestors, the third generation of the family, Eleutherios & Stylianos bottles the first ouzo in 1947 in Chios.

They also produced genuine Brady (aged in oak barrels) while at the same time they were the first to produce flavors of traditional liqueurs such as:
Mastiha, Mandarin, Bergamot and Rose, which, as products of Chios, are famous for their beautiful scent.
The fourth generation of TETTERI distillery continues to use the same recipe. Ioannis (graduate of the National Chemistry University of Athens) and Alexandros Tetteris (ASOEE graduate), kept the family tradition alive.
The traditional distillation, coupled with scientific knowledge and modern technology, gives TETTERI products a unique character.
TETTERI distillery is the only Chian distillery that has been exporting for 40 years to US, Australia, Belgium, Italy and Cyprus, and has recently expanded its operations in the Middle East.
Beverages were recently certified in the ISO 9002 Quality Assurance System as well as keeping HACCP as a big step in recognizing the stability and good quality of its products.