myrovolos organics

Our love for the island of Chios, our desire to protect plants & nature, and the need to create on our land led us to found Myrovolos Organics.

Myrovolos, “Name” inspired by the abundant and enchanting smells that Chios earth blossoms.
Our company Myrovolos Organics was founded in October 2015. It is a family business in the field of aromatic plants and herbs and is based in Chalkios, in Chios.
Our activities start from sowing to growing and following to foliage then harvesting.
Continuing on to collecting and drainage while keeping all the active substance that the plant gathers and then on to packaging.
Each of Myrovolos Organics’ herb reveals the unique aromas of chicory.
 The need for a better and healthy living soon drove us to the point to expand our facilities. Initially, we started with 10 hectares and then expanded to 24 hectares with the ultimate goal of expanding more.
We aim to continuously create quality products, based on a remarkable biological standard.
At this point in time, when the whole world is tormented by the question of what is really healthy and what not in our diet, nature itself comes to give us the best answer.

“Hundreds of herbs and spices offer the best alternative for a healthy lifestyle.”