Mastic Spa company was found in 1977 by the Sodis family, who was dedicated to creating cosmetics and in combination with their endearing love for Chios, led to the decision to create their productive unit on the island. The founder of the company is Mr. Yannis Sodis, a well-known pharmacist, and chemist from Chios.
The first facilities were launched in the 1980s’. Soon they succeeded to achieve a state-of-the-art laboratory. They fully equipped it with advanced technological equipment for the production and packing of cosmetics. Today the laboratory is a research and manufacturing center in cosmetology. Cosmetic with basic ingredient the mastic are being prepared.

Mastic Spa is a specialized company in the production of pure cosmetics from mastic. It has presentable shops under its name where it distributes its natural cosmetics. Mastic Spa, following on the ages of knowledge and tradition, continues with innovative ideas towards an optimistic future and is constantly developing.

Mastic Spa produces cosmetics by exploiting and applying the inventions of the founder of Mrs. Sodi. Throughout the years, rich material research and scientific experiments on the curative and cosmetic properties of mastic leave, along with plenty of creative space for development, led to new cosmetic compositions.
The first mastic product was Masticdent, a toothpaste, and was released in 1985. Mastic Spa now produces more than 130 mastic beauty products in her workshops in Chios. Combining tradition with the latest technology in cosmetology.
To ensure all the necessary conditions for the release of authentic, friendly as well as pure cosmetic care items. Mastic Spa submits all its products to detailed and extensive control. At Mastic Spa everyday research is contacted, in collaboration with international institutes, for new plant components, to create new and innovative products without chemical additives and preservatives and without harmful properties to the environment and to humans.
Mastic Spa products are made from 100% pure and herbal ingredients. The products pass through everyday human control before they are available to the consumer, and are the new organic proposal for dermocosmetics.
Mastic Spa not only offers unique natural cosmetics and beautiful shops but at the same time it is doing business with an advantageous idea. Genuine mastic cosmetics are a qualitative proposal for the cosmetic needs of the modern woman, because of their beneficial action.