Kakitsi distillery has its roots in Asia Minor, where in 1863 Kyriakos Kakitsis founded the first distillery.

The company’s motto is “drink a lot but wake up well”, the cock on the ouzo labels symbolizes that.

Since 1922, Kakitsis family from Asia Minor has continued to cultivate the traditional Ouzo, without sugar added.

It won two awards, Gold & Silver, in Thessaloniki International Exhibition 5-26 September 1937.

In 1948 it was handed over to Lambros Kakitsis, who, in his turn, trusted it to his son George.

The response of people at that time was enormous and the overwhelming majority chose to drink the Kakitsi Distillery cock.

Afterward, the company passed to Lambros, son of Georgios, always following the same old recipe, and along with his 32-year-old companion and his three daughters continued the tradition.

In Athens, Piraeus, the Aegean and further, insists on drinking a lot, to wake up well!

The Kakitsis distillery, apart from the Ouzo Kakitsis and Ouzo Andriqueio, both sugar free, also produces liqueurs of various flavors such as Mastiha liqueurs, Mandarin liqueurs, Liquor pear, liqueur lemon, mastic liqueur with lemon ideal for cocktails with a full recipe proposed on the back label, liqueur Rose, Bergamot and recently gave birth to a new unique product: LIKER MASTICHOCANELA – (mastic with cinnamon)

It also produces mastic ouzo- a digestive.

We remain optimistic about our progress since September 2010 the business has passed to us the daughters.

We will keep the quality, always having in mind, all the bits of advice our father gave us and following his theory:

“keep the quality and leave aside the quantity”

Following new technologies, with the same love and old recipe, we will continue this family tradition.