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The story of Apalarina ouzo starts in 1863. According to the tradition, Ioannis Serafim, set the foundations of the beverage industry in Chios burning the first cauldron of ouzo in a small village called Neochori.

Using a variety of anise collected from the mountains nearby, Serafim distilled Apalarina. The outcome was the creation of the most precious legacy for the Greek beverage industry.

One and a half-century after, his legacy is still in production by his progeny. Keeping the traditional principles, using the same pots and following the same golden distillation recipe.

A love story is hiding behind the name of this historical drink. A love story so gentle and from the heart as our memories, while drinking Apalarina with our beloved ones.

Serafim got the nickname “Apalarinas” from the homonymous place on the island. According to tradition, used to lead his goat to graze. Despite the pretense, he used to go there daily in order to meet with his beloved woman.

Since he couldn’t renounce his nickname “Apalarinos”, he gave it to his favorite creation, the Apalarina ouzo.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the family owned a tavern on Rally street. A few decades later, in 1970, while the Apalarina family began to grow, the tavern was transformed into the most famous ouzo factory. Until the 1990s was able to combine traditional production with modern technology. Eventually, they moved to a new privately owned plot of 1,200 sq.m. in the area of Kontari, near the airport of Chios.

Today the children of Leonidas Serafim and the company behind our beloved Apalarina consists of 7 shareholders – all descendants of Ioannis Serafim.

They follow the same recipe and tradition like their ancestor and still share with him the same love for Apalarina. Therefore one and a half-century after, the descendants of Serafim produces the same pure and traditional Apalarina ouzo. Along with ouzo comes a series of products that give us more local flavors and memories.

In addition to Ouzo Apalarina, the traditional local product line embraces the famous liqueur series from blossom Kampos flavor, with Mastiha, Mastic & Pomegranate, Bergamot, Rose, Mandarin and Almond flavors, completing Anthonero and Rodostomos, blending each unique aromas and historical flavors of Chios in a bottle.

Apalarina ouzo with great respect to its roots and legacy travels daily from the borders of Chios to Greece and abroad.