Anemos main activity is to manufacture, process, packaging, trade, and sale of mastic products online and offline.

Anemos brand holds years of presence and experience within the business field, with responsibility and vision, we joined our strengths and created
in Chios a Greek company that manufactures products with natural mastic.

We grew up with the gift of a god called mastic. Hence, we understand in depth the effort and toil needed to produce mastic and we have the required expertise.

In Anemos we have worked endless hours to experiment on how to combine mastic in our recipes. We did … endless testing, consequently we managed to gain real knowledge of its secrets, its quirks, and its incredible properties.

For our recipes, we harmoniously combine genuine ingredients (regardless of cost) with the beneficial properties of mastic oil. We blend pure organic herbs with the effectiveness of carefully selected active ingredients.
All raw materials we use, are careful testing, and only those that meet the strictest specifications we set are accepted.
All the ingredients selected are hypoallergenic, effective and without suspicion of side effects or possible complications.
To manufacture the products, we use modern production methods in controlled and accredited production areas.

In all our products the value for money is excellent. With reasonable prices, you buy excellent quality !!!

In our sweets, we combine old recipes and traditional methods with new applications, always using genuine mastic, mastic oil, and pure ingredients.

In our mastic shampoo, we only use plant raw materials and natural mastic/mastic oil. Testimonials from satisfied customers who have allergies and other skin problems give us the courage to continue the effort and continuously produce new, innovative and pure products.

In the field of cosmetics (hand cream, body lotion, bubble baths) we apply modern techniques blending the most suitable and pure ingredients with genuine mastic oil, organic herbs, and effective, active ingredients.

In the series of hair care (shampoo, conditioner cream, hair masks) we followed the same philosophy:

The best possible product at a very reasonable cost. Rich shampoo, for every hair type with nutrients, effective cleaning and at the same time pure and painless for the skin.

In all our products containing mastic, we use exclusively pure mastic oil or natural mastic (depending on the product) and NEVER artificial mastic aromas.