Our History

Our dream was to become involved in all areas regarding our homeland – the island of Chios- with its unique products, the blessed mastiha, the exquisite sweets, the Ariousios wine and its herbs.
From the ancient time, Chios was a commercial community and a meeting point for the sea routes of the East Mediterranean. It was also a natural way out for the cities of Asia Minor and the Black Sea, the bases of the big commercial houses and the birthplace of the merchant navy.

Mastiha has been known since the 3rd century AD thanks to its aromatic properties. According to tradition, the mastic tree “ teared” for the first time in the view of the tortures that Agios Isidoros suffered from the Roman soldiers in 250 AD. Mastiha, thanks to its anti-cancer activity and its uncountable therapeutic properties for the stomach and the oral cavity, has a special place in gastronomy and it is an essential part of many products.

The Ariousios wine has been known since antiquity. At that time, Chian amphoras were used for its distribution. The sphinx that was placed on the seals of the handles was a guarantee for its authenticity and the exact weight of the product.

The essentials oils have been known since antiquity and they were very famous at the markets. Today, the Chian herbs with their unique scents have conquered the kitchens of modern chefs and they are an essential ingredient of their delicious recipes.

The Chian spoon sweets are famous not only in Greece but worldwide. They are produced with materials taken straight from nature, using a traditional method that is passed on through generations.
In the past, the Chian sailors carried the products in wooden ships with sails, with the only concern to deliver the products in an excellent condition and on time. Today, we share the same concerns but with one difference. We deliver our products more quickly, safer and at a low cost thanks to the Internet and the new means of transportation. Our passion and persistence in the quality of our products and their delivery on time are our core values and our guarantee to you. Browse our MyrovolosChios e-shop, get to know our products and enjoy them in your home.